Do You Want to Know More about Hot Stone Massage?

Today, a hot stone massage is highly sought after therapy. However, many people still don’t quite understand its purpose and benefits. Read this article to find out more about this interesting and effective therapy:

  • How is a hot stone therapy performed?

    If you call a well-trained and experienced mobile massage therapist, he/she will tell you that this is a kind of therapy that is very hard to do. A good specialist will warm up the stones in hot water. Typically, they are natural volcanic and perfectly smooth rocks that absorb heat. Usually, you stay face down and a therapist treats your back. He/she places a few of them  along your spine. Make sure to let them know if you don’t like how it feels.

  • Who should try hot stone massage?

    Basically, this therapy is suitable for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and different heart diseases. This sort of therapy is not proper only in case you are pregnant or have sunburns.

  • Does it have any side effects?

    Actually, the only thing that could go wrong is to get burned by too hot stones. Clients often have such complaints. A distracted massage therapist can easily overheat them causing unpleasant burns. If they forget to move them around and leave them in once place for too long, they can burn you. So, a good specialist knows at what temperature to warm them up and how often to move them.

  • What are its greatest benefits?

    Firstly, it brings relief to tensed muscles. Heated stone treatment alleviates muscle stiffness and helps them relax. Plus, this is a powerful technique for pain relief. Hot stones will improve your blood circulation as their warmth goes deep into the tissues and make your blood vessels expand. This kind of therapy also has some exceptional impact on your mental health too. It helps you relax and reduces your stress level.


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