Raindrop Therapy for Relaxation and Wellness

At 2 Spirit Gifts and Services, we offer massage therapy and other therapeutic services. With fifteen years of experience, we have helped countless customers in Dexter, MI with our services. We offer Swedish massage, raindrop therapy, and much more. We’re fully insured to provide our services, and our therapists are available Mondays to Fridays to cater to our customers.

Raindrop therapy is a technique that was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. It is a modality that uses essential oils to bring balance to the body. During a therapy session, the customer will be asked to lie on a padded massage table. The session can last for one hour, but the patient will feel the effects of its benefits for weeks afterward.

There are three main components to raindrop therapy. The aromatherapy part is accomplished by the use of seven essential oils, two blends of essential oils, and one massage oil. While the customer is lying on the massage table, the therapist will drop these oils from a certain height onto their spine. Once the oils are in place, the therapist will use the vita flex technique, which is a massage that involves rolling and releasing of the fingertips on certain reflex points of the body. The massage is done to the feet and spine to stimulate the nerves. The last step is called feather stroking. This technique is similar to the effleurage massage technique. In this movement, the fingers stimulate the nerves of the spine by using gentle brushing strokes along the length of the spine.

At the end of the therapy session, customers may feel fatigued, energized, or relaxed. Each person has a different reaction to the therapy.  After the session, the customer is encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to flush out toxins.


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