Traditional Healing from Japan

Learning about Reiki


Everybody has a life force or energy surging through their bodies. Reiki is a traditional form of healing that originated in Japan. It is known as palm healing or hands-on healing because the practitioner uses their hands to promote healing in another person. The basic idea behind this form of alternative healing is that the body has the ability to heal itself, and the practitioner can channel their life force to promote healing.


This is a therapy that is used to reduce stress and promote healing and relaxation in the body. Reiki can be used on anybody of any age. It helps with various conditions such as anxiety, stress, pain, and diseases. A typical session can last 20 to 90 minutes. The patient will be fully clothed and asked to lie on a treatment table or sit on a comfortable chair. Using a light touch, the practitioner will place their hands on various points of the body – from the head, torso, back, and legs. The therapist will concentrate on channeling a healing energy and transferring it to the person being treated.


The effect of the therapy varies widely on each person. Some feel the heat or exchange of energy from the therapist’s hands while others don’t feel a thing. Many patients say that the experience brings about a shift in mood. It is a relaxing treatment that releases stress and anxiety. Reiki is a therapy that has a cumulative effect, and it is recommended you try four consecutive sessions to experience the benefits of this alternative medicine.


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