Thai Yoga Massage to Balance the Body’s Energy

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A combination of massage and yoga stretches, Thai yoga massage has been practiced for years. This is a therapy that aims to restore balance to the body by unblocking the flow of energy. This is a therapy that is suitable for most adults. It is a full-body treatment that will release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and bring balance to the body’s energy.

The massage is performed while the client lies on a padded floor mat. The customer and the therapist should both wear clothing that allows for easy movement of the limbs. The therapist will guide the client through a series of poses and stretches. No lotion or massage oil is used during the therapy.

This form of massage is good for those who suffer from headaches, stress, and chronic pain. Thai massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic circulation, which promotes healing in the body. This therapy is not suitable for pregnant women, individuals with back injury, or those with severe illnesses.


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